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Considering Home Maintenance when you Buy a Smoky Mountain Home

Considering Home Maintenance when you Buy a Smoky Mountain Home

Let’s face it, few people enjoy the home maintenance that comes with homeownership. It is often a surprise to new homeowners that time and money need to be set aside for home maintenance.

We enjoyed a recent article recently published by the National Association of Realtors in regard to a survey that Home Advisor did with 1000 homeowners.

Click here to read the article we are referencing.

According to Home Adviser, as many as 1 in 5 buyers regret buying a home, due to the amount of home maintenance required to keep up to date with the house.

What happens when we ignore our home maintenance? You’ve got it, the number one thing is you can expect additional costs. It might seem expensive to keep up with home maintenance, but this survey and most studies tell us that it will cost you more if you don’t keep up.

Some of the most costly crisis events for a homeowner are water damage, structural damage, and pest infestations. Few enjoy home maintenance, but crisis maintenance is costly and disruptive.

Most homeowners will recommend hiring a professional. Up to 74% will call a professional to do the various jobs needing to be done in the home. As a team of realtors in the area, experience tells that homes that have been well maintained will sell faster and for a higher price. Just as when buying or selling a home, with home maintenance we also recommend you call a professional. For peace of mind and quality work, a professional is the best choice.

The most common household chores that folks would love to dismiss include washing windows, cleaning gutters, fans, and vents are all on the list of no fun. Are we surprised that cleaning the garage, the oven, and the range hood are the most detested jobs? Not so much!

What are good habits to develop as a homeowner to keep up with home maintenance?

1) Expect and budget for home maintenance costs to be 1% of the home cost. (annually) example. If your home costs $500,000, expect $5,000 a year in maintenance costs.
2) Schedule 30 minutes of tidy work or quick fix every day. This type of commitment will set a pace that keeps you ahead of the game.
3) Call a professional. when it comes to HVAC, Plumbing, Vents, and more contact a professional.

The Terrell-Drager Team works with many vendors and professionals in the Smoky Mountain Area. If we can make a referral for the home maintenance need you have, feel free to contact our team. 865-453-4049.

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